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Don't Procrastinate

Really, stop now, you have other more interesting things to do!

You, here! Yes, you. Don’t Procrastinate.

You have so much more to do, or so much less to do to feel better about yourself.

You like photography? (Or Any Passion)

Go out and explore. Plan a day of half day to get yourself some motivation. Give yourself time to fuel your passion. You know it will do you good.

Hey you, don’t you have some important work to do? Or just anything you need to tackle on?

Let yourself free of it! Start now, some people use the so-called « 2 minute rules ». Do what can be done in less than 2 minutes immediately. I’m lazy so I won’t make a dissertation about it.
Be clear about what is missing to start any big task, write it down. Get some help, talk about it. Solutions, they come when you express the need to have one. So exteriorize!